born 2009

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This is why I work from home...

Age 6

Year 7 album on Google Photos

Age 5

Greta's Year 6 album on Google+

Age 4

Greta's Year 5 album on Google+

Age 3

Greta is growing up so fast that I have been forced to resort to Google+ to keep current: Greta's Year 4 album.

Age 2

(In some of the above photos, Greta appears with one of her nannies, Beth.)

18 months - 2 years

12-18 months

6-12 months

2-6 months

(Cousin Olivia shows that she can put down her phone and babysit, at least for 1/60th of a second.)

in the beginning

(The woman older than one month in the above photos is my mother, Regina Greenspun.)

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