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Pictures of me, me, me

taken by folks other than Philip Greenspun
Self-portrait, Avalanche Lake, Glacier National Park.

Most of my experience is behind the camera. Still for the brave and curious here are some pix in reverse chronological order...




My friend Ray and I flew a helicopter from Los Angeles to Palm Beach, Florida. Here we are on the ramp in St. Augustine, FL...


Photo at right by Ellis Vener.


Left: Posing like a Japanese tourist with the first turbine-powered aircraft that I ever flew, revealing that yes there are people dumb enough to wear a black T-shirt in the Miami sun.

Right: With cousin Olivia on the ramp at the Hyannis airport.


The photo on the left is me getting out of a Robinson R22 helicopter after a sightseeing flight with Jean from the Frederick, Maryland airport out towards Harper's Ferry and up the Potomac River to West Virginia. On the right is me holding a 4-month-old Samoyed puppy named, rather unfortunately, "Sammy". About five months later Sammy had driven his host family insane and I had to rescue him from Norfolk and find him a home with a friend here in Boston. In this photo we're on the ramp at the Norfolk, VA airport and I'm standing in front of my old Diamond Star DA40, a great airplane that took me from Boston to Alaska to Mexico and back to Boston.


Just beginning the trip that led to this flying to Baja article, clearing customs in San Felipe, Mexico. The tower controller didn't respond to my calls until I was almost in his airspace. How come? He was walking around on the ramp working the airport with a handheld radio.


Alex and Philip on April 15, 1997 captured by Elsa Dorfman with her 20x24" Polaroid camera.


Philip and Alex in bed using PowerBook (photo: Rob Silvers) Philip sitting at his Windows NT box (photo: Rob Silvers)

The old days of computer science graduate school. Alex is seen here helping me through the rough spots. [Photo: Rob Silvers]


Me and Paul Whitmore at Hearst Corporation's New Media divison, August 1995, photo by Che Graham Me and Paul, in New York, August 1995 [credit: Ché Graham]

This photo results in occasional email from gay men saying "right on; it is good to see someone who is so comfortable being out." Paul, however, is happily married to our old friend Miriam and I'm a regular blood donor at Boston Children's Hospital. So it doesn't seem likely that we will be availing ourselves of the gay marriage possibilities here in the People's Republic of Massachusetts.


me and George

George inspired me to write Travels with Samantha, which begins with his end.

The family

My brother Harry is wearing a Harvard T-shirt and we're up in Boston in front of my Mom's father's hardware store, leading me to believe that I took this in 1976 when we all went north for my Dad's 25th reunion at Harvard.

Nikon F4, 24/2.8 AF lens, Fuji Velvia, tripod.

(the right-hand photo is of the Melrose Hardware in 1994, still in business on Wyoming Avenue)

Here are some 1990s photos of my dad's mother and mom's father (with Alex):

Shirley Greenspun.  Manhattan 1995. Shirley Greenspun.  Manhattan 1995. Shirley Greenspun.  Manhattan 1995.

Nick Gittes at Melrose Care. 1998. Nick Gittes and Alex. 1998.