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courses reviewed by Philip Greenspun; updated October 2009

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The Teaching Company sells interesting courses on cassette tape, audio CD, and video tape. A complete catalog with prices and online ordering is available at www.teach12.com.

Below are reviews of some of the more interesting courses that I've tried. Courses are backed by an unconditional money-back guarantee. If you don't like it, the Teaching Company refunds your money.


Law & Economics




The unexamined life is not worth living.



Physics is hard. MIT freshman physics is where I learned that I was stupid.


Dennis Dalton has some of the most interesting perspectives on political theory, illuminating them with philosophy from the Greeks and Indians. His Power Over People class (two parts) is worthwhile, as is Freedom: The Philosophy of Liberation.


I have a theory that every Jewish woman on the East Coast is either in therapy or is herself a therapist. Among my friends and their friends, this appears to be true to a first approximation. I'd never taken a "real psych" class in college so this was my chance...



Looking back over these reviews, I feel bad for having dissed some of these courses. After all, is it fair for a high school dropout to judge a PhD in humanities? Probably not. However, take these reviews as expressions of what an average engineer can get out of these courses. Someone with a good liberal arts education would no doubt find more to like in some of them.


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