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Republicans today are much more intellectual than they used to be.

Striped butt.

"There are more horses' asses than horses in this world."
Jack Kerouac, quoting Ernest Petersen, quoting his father. Dharma Bums, page 219.

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Hello, I have really been learning a lot since I have come to the US. Of course, some of this, I never planned to learn. This page is an example. It took me a while, but now I see the humor. And I like it. We are not so obsessed with keeping everyone happy in the UK. There we still call a bum a bum. I gather that here he would be called something like "employment challenged" I wonder if the folks you poke fun at realize how dopey that actually sound? Do you suppose so? I do want to thank you for helping me learn. It has been fun. My best to you. Heather McLeod

-- Heather McLeod, June 20, 1999
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