Nick Gittes and Alex. 1998.

SQL for Web Nerds

by Philip Greenspun

Alex.  Harvard Yard 1998.

  1. Introduction
  2. Data modeling
  3. simple queries: one table, one table with subquery, JOIN, JOIN with subquery, OUTER JOIN
  4. more complex queries: GROUP BY, aggregates, HAVING
  5. Transactions (inserts and updates)
  6. triggers
  8. style
  9. escaping to the procedural world: PL/SQL and Java executing inside the Oracle server
  10. trees
  11. handling dates in Oracle
  12. limits in Oracle; how they will bite you and how to work around them
  13. tuning, what to do when your query runs too slowly
  14. data warehousing, what to do when your query doesn't answer your questions
  15. foreign and legacy data, making foreign Web sites look like local SQL tables
  16. normalization


    Appendix A: Setting up your own RDBMS
    Appendix B: Getting real work done with Oracle