The Apes

of Heather Has Two Mommies

The gorilla that looks like a certain MIT Professor before he meets with Departmental Administrators

sulking gorilla. A staring gorilla.

Gorillas that work as hard as graduate students

Gorilla lounging. Gorilla lounging. Gorilla sleeping.

Gorillas that think much harder

Gorilla thinking. Gorilla yawning. Gorilla looking.

Gorillas that look and/or eat better than graduate students

Gorilla head and shoulders portrait. Gorilla munching a leaf.

Miscellaneous Gorillas

Gorilla. Gorilla walking in the sun. Gorilla standing in the sun.

Animals kind of like gorillas

A strange monkey of some kind.

Photographicus Nerdicus; an animal almost as ugly and big as a gorilla

A helpful Gorilla versus human comparison chart.  I'm the test gorilla here.