for Heather Has Two Mommies
Hmm... pretty much all of the credit/copyright stuff that I give for Travels with Samantha applies here.

Plea for Help

I wanted to write a real children's book to accompany these pictures. I had the pictures in my filing cabinet and scanning them was easy. I lacked only talent. That's why I wrote this pathetic satire from 2 to 5 a.m. one demented night. However, I still want to publish a children's book on the Web illustrated with these and possibly other pictures (I've got at least 6000 Webified; see my other books). If you would like to collaborate with me on something nice for the children of the Internet, please send me mail.

About the pictures

Almost all of these pictures are from the San Diego Zoo, the National Zoo (in Washington), and the San Diego Wild Animal Park. Most were taken with a Nikon 8008, Nikon 300/2.8 AF lens, FOBA ballhead, Bogen tripod on Fujichrome Velvia film. You might enjoy more of Philip Greenspun's photography.


All pictures are copyright 1989-1994 Philip Greenspun